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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 9, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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european union for financial help. calling it a loan. not using the word bailout. specifically used a fwhord spanish that means bailout. he said this is not a bailout. below market value coming into an official government organization in spain and be directed only at the banking sectors. he's trying to show this is a very limited operation but an unprecedented operation for spain calling on its european allies to provide some help to its very troubled banking sector. fredricka? >> so, al works it lead to deep austerity measure, similar to what we saw in countries like greece? >> reporter: there already have been deep austerity measures. what he hasn't given is the actual figure. there's been an estimate from the international monetary fund of at least $60 billion u.s. dollars is needed and another part of europe here at about this hour we're supposed to see some numbers possibly of what is being asked for, what europe is offering. we don't have number just at this moment. therefore, we don't know,
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fredricka, whether this will require more measures. he's trying to paint ap picture this is specific just to the banking sector and will not affect spain's sudden death. also a big problem, but admits this will be government debt coming in from europe to spain to be distributed to the bank. >> al goodman, thanks so much from madrid. in syria now -- rebel forces and the syrian military are battling it out in the city of homs today. explosions and gunfire could be heard most of the morning and reports anti-government activity in the capital of damascus and dozens killed around the country. and now to afghanistan where four french soldier, died in a suicide bombing today. it happened in eastern afghanistan. a government ministry spokesman tells us the bomber was dressed
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in a burqa. french troopless start pulling out of afghanistan next month. back here in the u.s., attorney general eric holder appoints two new lead investigators to help the fbi get to the bottom of intelligence leaks out of the white house to the media. leaked information has included classified details of a cyber attack aimed at iran and classified information on the u.s. drone program. and a ruling on 9/11. it could have a huge impact on how more than $4 billion in a medical fund is spent. it comes down a possible decision on cancers and whether they were caused by the toxic fumes that rose from the world trade center after the attacks. a new report says as many as 50 types of cancers could be included in the health fund. covering first responders, volunteers and even residents of the area around ground zero. a final decision could take months. and this is a story with a
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all right. we've been reporting on the increase in violence in syria today. and despite the fighting, russia now says foreign intervention is not an option. or wa dame arwa damon is on the phone from lebanon. tell us more about russia digging in its heels. same for china. right? >> reporter: most certainly that's the case, fredricka. trying to get russia and china to blink on positions is one of the main aims of the u.s. administration. it's been a serious -- high profile negotiations, trying to convince russia. russia is saying it is not supporting president bashar assad per se, but it is not believed that military intervention will help resolve the crisis in syria. it's believed that the opposition, the rebels, will
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only further inflame the situation, and that certainly russia is very concerned about its own interests when it comes to syria. it's very much become something of a battleground, if you implore these equal powers, each concerned about their own power in syria. and meanwhile, the uprisings of civil war. >> meantime, also violence in damascus. tell us more about how that's being played out. >> reporter: well, what opposition activists are telling us is that this is some of the most intense and widespread fighting since this uprising began. there has been clashes a in a number of neighborhoods in the very heart of the capital itself, fredricka. neighborhoods controlaled led b
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army. launches attacks into neighborhoods, in the capital and as well on friday clashes lasting in some areas into saturday. the united states monitoring team was one of them. this is a development that is going to cause great concern for the government, and it is an indication to us just how brazen and confident elements of the army have become. people are speculating this could be a change in the dynamics of the syrian uprising. it does seem to a certain drip that the government is perhaps losing a little bit of power in the capital. most certainly a very power base for it, although all things said -- the regime is in power. >> arwa damon, thank you so
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much. a reward of giving camels in exchange for information on obama. britain's prince philip is back home. he was released from the hospital five days after undergoing treatment for a bladder infection. the illness forced the prince to miss part of the diamond jubilee celebrations for his wife, queen elizabeth. the royal family will be making it up tomorrow. he's got a grand celebration to help mark his 91st birthday. we've got a promising update on a young california man. brian banks. you might remember him. he spent five years in prison for a crime that he didn't commit. this week he got to try out for the seattle seahawks and it went so well, he got a callback and has been invited to the seahawks minicamp next week. he said the tryout was the second best day of his life.
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the best day, when he was cleared of rape charges, a few weeks ago. the woman who accused him admitted she lied and banks was set free. pete carroll, the coach of the seattle seahawks was one of the first people to reach out to banks after he was exonerated. carroll is the same coach who offered banks a football scholarship to usc ten years ago. >> to be out here on this field. to work out with the seahawks, to begin an opportunity have a tryout, i really don't have words for it. this is -- it's a dream come true. >> incredible. seattle offered banks a spot in next week's minicamp, but he hasn't accepted the offer yet. the washington redskins, kansas city chiefs and miami dolphins, they, too, invited him to a tryout. wishing him the best. if you love coffee you'll love what i'm about to tell you. here's a hint -- it's okay to drink more! [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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all right.
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if you need a better excuse to reach for the second or even third cup of coffee, we have one for you. a new study published this week shows that the caffeine in three cups of coffee a day may actually help reduce the risk of alzheimer's and prevent memory loss. a physician at premiere care for women in atlanta is with us and joining us from los angeles today. good to see you. so doctor, this study was done by scientists at the university of south florida's college of pharmacy. how did they make the connection between coffee and preventing memory loss? >> they looked at about 125 people aged 65 to 88 and had something called mild cognitive impairment, we know can be a precursor to alzheimer's. looked at them the next twos to four years and they measured caffeine ledge levels. the people with the equivalent of three cups of coffee in their blood did not develop
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alzheimer's or were a lot less likely to. they made the case kaf sfooen decreasing the risk already at higher risk for developing alzheimer's. >> someone who is at risk for getting alzheimer's who has a family member who has it or may think they have it, you know, who can actually benefit from drinking more coffee? should those people? more likely drink as much coffee as they can? >> well, we've already seen other studies that show caffeine in coffee were decrean your risk of diabetes, parkinsons and some show decrease of stroke risk. help you concentrate and improve your memory. there are benefits. there's relatively few down sides to. it one important thing. this was not a true cause and effect in the study. i think it showed a trend and preliminary research, but it definitely is a good excuse not to give up your coffee. >> what do you need to start doing this, drinking of the coffee? this theory is indeed the case, whether you have a predisposition for alzheimer's in the family or otherwise.
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you need to be a coffee drinker for what kind of period of time for you to be able to benefit from what this study says? >> so you know, in this day of people going forward two to four years we just don't have the that information, but, you know, the way the coffee or caffeine seems to work, it helps your immune system and decrease production of certain proteins that leads to alzheimer's. i think there's more information that we need, but, again, coffee has relatively few side effects. if you -- it can increase your risk of heartburn. it can affect your blood pressure possibly heart arrhythmias. it you're a relatively healthy person, it doesn't have much issue. probably a harmless thing to try do and may decrease your risk of alzheimer's. >> sound like encourages news. encouraging them to keep drinking coffee. thanks so much from los angeles. >> take care. for years they have not welcomed gays and lesbian, but
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now the boy scouts of america is taking a new look at its membership policy. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ]
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for years the boy scouts of america opposed allowing gays and lesbians to participate in the group's programs. after a national petition which generated nearly 300,000 signature, the scouts may be changing their mind -- sort of. here's cnn's george howe. >> reporter: the boy scouts' ban on openly gay and lesbian members became a national conversation after people came together to support this ousted den leader. >> my biggest concern is that the children will think i abandoned them, because they don't understand. >> reporter: jennifer was dismissed as den leader because she's openly gay. she says it started when she filled in as treasurer and notice the inconsistencies within the local chapter. she started asking question, but shortly thereafter was told by leadership she had to resign
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dupe to the policy on gays andless pand lesbians. >> mission of the boy scouts, develop character and leadership skills. anything that distracts from that mission distracts from what the program is. >> i don't want the kids to think this is okay because it's not. >> reporter: ultimately removing her on son from the scouts. her story generated nearly 300,000 signatures on a petition through and sparked the creation of a new group, scouts for equality. quo founder zach walls, has same-sex parents, traveled to the national convention in orlando to meet with members and deliver the petitions. >> i'm unwilling to discard the entire organization just like i'm unwilling to discard this country because of one single statement. >> reporter: makes the point bip the boy scouts, we do not have an agenda on this matter and the
2:22 pm
boy scouts membership policy not meant to be a blanket statement on any group of people or social commentary. end quote. the group indicated recently it would consider a resolution fileed by one of its members in april asking that local units be allowed to determine their own standards. a spokesperson says the decision to consider the resolution was not influenceed by any of the petitions, and does not signal an imminent change in the policy. it's simply part of the process for careful and respectful review. by tyrel is optoptimistic. >> along with president obama their evolving and hopefully they'll get there. >> reporter: an issue brought back to the forefront by a former member pushing for change. george howe, cnn, atlanta. it was to be a chance of the lifetime to see horse clinch a triple crown. i'll have another is out. fans of the belmont stakes will
2:23 pm
now have to wait at least another year. >> it's unfortunate. what you come here for is a hopeful triple crown. >> i got cheated in my racing. i really wanted this so bad. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943.
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i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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just hours ago alabama police arrested a man wanted in the deaths of 9-year-old twins and their 73-year-old baby-sitter. deandra marquis lee is in police custody. federal marshals offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. nor details on his arrest later today. good news at the gas pump. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of regular
2:27 pm
unleaded fell almost a penny to $3.55. and today is the girl scouts of america's 100th birthday and to celebrate, thousands of scouts are taking over the national mall right now in washington, d.c. for what they hope will be the world's largest sing along. it's called "girl scouts rock the mall." the scouts will be there all day singing, dancing, listening to performances as well by finalists of "american idol" and 'the voice" and others. joining in today's celebration, actress and singer mandy moore also helping dove launch a program celebrating real women as positive role models for girls. >> i'm just -- i'm psyched to be able to sfeek 250,000 girl scouts who are on the mall today for the rock the mall event and just sort of highlighting the importance of role models specifically in girls' lives and widening the definition and broadening the definition and
2:28 pm
maybe altl offering an alternative point of view of who and what a role model should be. >> that's at 4:00 p.m. today. what a disappointment. a lot of folks were ready to watch the belmont stakes to see if history could be made. i'll have another was supposed to race for horse racing's triple crowned. a bad ankle quell offed those odds. and where is i'll have another? still until a retention barn? >> reporter: no. in the trainer's original stall away from the other horses preparing for the upcoming belmont stakes. his face is on the program, which everyone has to pay for, if they want to find out who's running today in respect is probably fewer thousands that will be in attendance. the race is an four hours away. it will be a retirement ceremony for i'll have another in the
2:29 pm
winner's circle when they're take the saddle off him. probably think he'll be going for the triple crown. there are still a lot of people here under alternately sunny and then drizzly skies. fans really here to witness history. we talked to several. some had come from a great distance and didn't seem to mind. others are just always here for belmont day. this is a sampling of fan reaction to the withdrawal of i'll have another. >> unfortunate. it's what you come here for is hopeful to watch a triple crown. >> reporter: do you think you'll ever see a triple crown in your lifetime? >> i can only hope. but i doubt it. >> it is what it is. >> very dispinted. this was my christmas present i'm a little dispinted but still a good race. i hope it comes down to a nail biter. >> beautiful day. good day for horse racing. a little disappoint i'll have another is not running, but you know what? some things aren't meant to be.
2:30 pm
>> reporter: so belmont with a triple crown concerntender make like any other race. belmont, run over a century add the place will definitely fill up. this weather is not exactly beach weather. so we'll see. hula h houlihan -- a favorite. >> a fast track? not fast. but it's damp? >> reporter: still a fast track. a possibility of thunderstorms. we'll see what happens. union rags did poorly in the mud last year. >> oh, no. okay. that's one of the favorites you said? >> reporter: that's right. >> what about the -- the meister? did well in the first to? >> not entered. a longer mile and a half distance a horse that likes to be in the lead won't keep up and decided to rest bohdi meister. may see him later in the future.
2:31 pm
>> that retirement ceremony later today will be fascinating to watch. richard roth, thanks so much in belmont, new york. it is one of the coolest places in the world, and we're taking you there. find out some stuff you didn't know about the great wall of china. hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! to live the american dream. i'm proud to represent the usa because to me it's the best country in the world. this is what the red white and blue means to me, what does it mean to you?
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every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen it's a dream travel destination for many of us. the great wall of china. millions visit every year and if you are planning a trip, rob s
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marciano has some tips for you on the go. >> reporter: the great wall of china. more than 5,500 mime miles lon attracts over 10 million visi r visitors a year. >> to look out over the mountain parts of the wall of over 2,000 years old and still standing is something sthais something thatl take your braeeath away. >> reporter: the section of the mall that's open to the public. >> go to the juongguan seconds. another well preserved section has fewer crowds in one of the most beautiful stretches of mountains you can imagine. two other sections, are restored
2:35 pm
sections of the wall and great for adventurous travelers. >> reporter: if you can, pick a weekday to climb this wonder of the world. >> you'll find is probably is one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. >> all right. are you ready to plan a trip? get going with help from my guest kate mex axwell. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you say it valley possibreall see the great wa possible to see the wall in day. your recommendation, you need to be there two days and a night? >> right. i think so. the closest parts of the wall are just a 45-minute drive from beijing. as you said, if you're going all that way, i definitely recommend spending a couple of days at the wall and a couple of days in
2:36 pm
beijing. a fascinating city. two recommendations of hotels to stay in beijing. first, the opposite house pap real favorite of jet set dotcom members. a cool stainless steel swimming pool and light area apartment rooms. something more traditional, more your kind of thing, then check out the shangri-la with rooms from $185 a night with really good restaurants and a spa open until midnight. and while you're in beijing, make sure you check out tiananmen square famous for the 1979 pro-democracy riots and there from walk into the forbidden city, compacted of almost 1,000 buildings. absolutely fascinating. the imperial city of china for 500 years. >> yes. a must-see. i did that whole thing, beijing and went to the wall and the forbidden city.
2:37 pm
you must see it. from the exterior, doesn't look impressive. thinking you're going to a manufactured kpucompound but th you're stepping back into history. >> it goes on and on and on. >> yes, it does. say want a shorter trip. maybe just one night near the great wall area. what do you do? >> if you're focused on the great wall and want to stay near there, red capital runanch is o area to stay. a hunting lodge, 360 degree views of the great wall. a very contemporary option, the commune at the great wall a stunning complex of buildings, designed by 12 asian architects. that's a little more expensive. that one. you can actually stay very close to the wall. in terms of the parts i really like to see, i hiked and it was absolutely, i mean, awe-inspiring, a breathtaking experience. the first couple 67 hoof hours,
2:38 pm
hour, didn't see a single person, and you see the wall stretching on and on and on into the distance. there are watch towers. obstacle walls. it's absolutely stunning. so that's the bit that i would aim for, rather than one of the more crowded areas a little closer to the city. >> incredible. you better get yourself a little physically fit for this, because walking, traversing that wall is no joke, and it's -- >> right. this part is pretty well preserved, but you do have to scramble occasionally. be prepared for that and definitely wear comfortable sneakers. >> fantastic. people are ready to book travel. they might at weg. thanks so much. appreciate it. good to see you. >> thank you very much, you, too. lots more great information about the great wall of china at all right. country music star tim mcsgrau looking beyond his passion for music and pursuing more roles in
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2:42 pm
law. rodriguez showed up at his neighbor's house to complain about a loud party. armed with a gun, cell phone and 911 operator's on the line. rodriguez is the only one armed but what he says is now key to his defense. >> it's about to get out of hand, sir. please, help me. please, help me, sir. my life is in danger now. he's going go in the house, come out, be more than equal to me. now i'm standing my ground here. now these people are going to try to kill me. look, i'm not looking at these people anymore. they're drunk. [ gun shot ] >> oh, my. so three are shot. two survive, except rodriguez' neighbor, kelly danniher, a young father and elementary
2:43 pm
school teacher dies. the law says a person doesn't have to retreat if the he feels his life is threatened. other top stories, making their case. people who believe toxic dust and debris from the 9/11 attacks gave them cancer will have to prove it to receive aid in the 9/11 compensation fund. that can be difficult for some. yesterday the feds recommended adding 50 types of cancer to the list of ill insides covered by a $4 billion fund for 9/11 victim. and good news at the gas pump. according to aaa, the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded fell by almost a penny to $3.55. that marks the 24th consecutive drop in gas prices. and after being forced to miss part of the queen's diamond jubilee, prince philip was released from a british hospital today. you can see him walking out right there, and it's just in time for his 91st birthday, which is tomorrow.
2:44 pm
the duke of edinburgh was hospitalized on monday for a bladder infection. all right. for a long time he was singer tim mcgraw. after appearances in some pretty big movie, add actor to mcgraw's credentials. i asked him face to face what bringses him the most satisfaction? >> reporter: his body on work on film nearly as impressive as his roster of hit songs. a scene stealer on the big scene from "country strong" to "blind side." >> movies. >> reporter: who knew you are a great actor. are there other movie projects in the pipeline? >> there's a few things floating around. the problem is finding time to do it. you know? it's much like finding, writing a song. you listen to a bunch to find the magic song.
2:45 pm
you go through a lot of scrips and thing us that you lyou like things that work and don't work, then you say, yeah, i like that script. but is that movie being shot at a time when i'm available or can do it. >> reporter: i say, who knew you were a good actor? but maybe you always knew had you that acting thing in you? >> one of the test gigs i ever had. >> reporter: really? what's the biggest challenge? >> i think as a musician, you spend a lot of time trying to be cool. that's sort of like your goal in life. a musician, i'm cool. then there's a lot of times you step on to a movie set, there's nothing cool about that character. to let your guard down and all things you've done as a musician to try to be cool, and to not be cool. >> reporter: although it seems the characters, "country strong," "blind side," "friday night lights" pretty cool characters. >> i've been fortunate to have a
2:46 pm
great group of characters, working with sandy bullock, and gary, billy -- worked with great actors. i've learned a lot everybody time i've worked with someone, i've learned a lot and learned more about what not to do because i've done it. >> reporter: any treptrepidatio? afraid to say, i'm leaving a comfort zone? >> i did a film with rick schroeder called "black cloud." the first i've ever done anything pap great learning experience for me. then when i did "friday night lights" i remember the night before the first scene and i really wondered -- i was having a panic attack. >> are you sure he's part of your team, charlie? >> reporter: after director calmed him down and convinced him to go on. >> once we got into the scene it was fine. >> reporter: what are-of-were you thinking about? >> i didn't want to the country sthar ruins the most. you didn't want to be the guy that ruins the movie. so it was worrisome, but you
2:47 pm
lerp learn to find your character, find your guy, open your mouth and let the words come out. >> reporter: did they come and say, something about you or did you volunteer and say, let me try this xbrnchts. >> i wanted to try it. an extension of your artistry. as a seinger and vice versa. "friday night lights" i really feel i knew that guy. i grew up in louisiana, being an athlete. growing up around ballparks and football fields. i feel like i knew that guy. >> reporter: all of these thing, your music, philanthropy any many different way, shapes and forms, movies, your family life. the collaboration with you and your wife is, of those things, is there one thing that kind of,
2:48 pm
you know, tucks at you and said, this is the thing that brings me the most gratification? >> well outside of family, music is, has brought me everything. i wouldn't have met my wife without music, and i wouldn't have a life without music and wouldn't be able to do movies without music. nobody was going to pick me up off a street corner and say, hey, come do this mother. movie has given me everything in life. >> reporter: more face-to-face, talks about marriage to country star faith hill and how he keeps it all together. which one of these highly anticipated movies will achieve box office supremacy this weekend? our movie great gives his grades. >> a bunk of little girls!
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
it's a battle for number one at the box office. "men in black 3" opened over memorial day weekend. the men held on for a week before "snow white and the hunts man" took over. now "prometheus" the next movie, a prequel to aileen getting number one status and then this. "madagascar 3." the third installment, the first true children's movie release since march and that could help the film gain the top box office spot. let's talk more about "prometheus" and "mad gas coaga" will they live up to the hype? with rotten tomatoes dotcom,
2:52 pm
joining us from los angeles. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> talk about the funny stuff first. "madagascar 3." the familiar group of lost animal it's joining a traveling circus to timely get back home but have to make a pitstop in europe. watch a quick clip. >> look, i'm doing it. >> stop fooling around. >> just having a little fun. >> let the animals do their show. >> ta-da! da, da, da -- circus. da, da, da, afro, circus, afra-o afra-of-pro polka dots, polka dots after fro circus. >> it's pretty good. 3d. the movie's pretty good. i liked this film. i think it's a good film. the kids are going to love it and good jokes the adults are going it like, too. good performances from the returning voice cast, including ben stiller, chris rock, jada
2:53 pm
pinkett-smith, david schwimmer, saudi arabia ma mesasha merit's look at a solid film and good time. >> always feel like a kids' movie with great adult humor, anyway, 1 and 2, we saw that. why wouldn't they continue that thread in 3 jp you're grade on this one? >> my grade on this is a b. a really good film and the strongest out of the entire trilogy. >> really? wow. very good. all right. we'll look nomovie. the next movie. "prometheus." a prequel to "elalie"alien." take a look. >> you have to stop t. we're not stopping anything. we're going home. >> if you don't stop it, there
2:54 pm
won't be any home to go back to. >> okay. this looks like a nail biter, has you on the edge of the seat. was it? >> definitely does. this one is also in 3d directed by ridley scott and a prequel of sorts to his 1979 masterpiece "alien." returning to that same universe. about a group of scientists that travel to another planet finding clues to life on earth and hoping to snind aliens that may have visited the earth. becomes scary pretty fast. the movie is beautiful to look at. has a great story and definitely very terrifying sequences, but i think setting it in the alien universe actually took away from it a bit. sometimes there are shortcuts they take here, and it kind of takes you out of the movie almost a little bit. you kind of know where some of the characters are going to go based on what you no about the alien world. overall, a solid film, and
2:55 pm
something that if you have been looking forward to this, i think you're going to like this a lot. people have been waiting for this for a couple of years. >> creepy. >> revisiting it. >> your grade? >> my grade is a b. i think it's not a perfect movie, but it really affectively blends science fiction and tear. >> okay. very good. then before we let you go, you can tell us about your new sirius radio show. i've been listening to promos. >> yes. a new show, rotten tomatoes, sirius xm at 6:00 p.m. eastern on thursdays. >> very good. matt, thanks so much. of course, folks at home, check out matt's grades and review bice going to on listening to his new show, radio channel 104. thanks so much, matt. hello again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. you're in the "cnn newsroom." new developments now. the european financial crisis
2:56 pm
just in the last hour or so, spain formally asked the european union for help in bailing out its banking system. no set amount was given for the bailout but a report from the international monetary fund said the clunt need at least $o50 billion to get back on its feet. span ish officials are trying to avoid an austerity measure that shook greece and triggered protests across the country. president obama expressed concerns the european crisis could threaten the u.s. economic recovery. now to syria. rebel forces and the syrian military are battling it out in the city of homs today. explosions and gunfire could be heard most of the morning, and there are also reports of increased anti-government activity in the capital of damascus. and dozens have been killed around the country. the opposition also says doctors are being detained to prevent
2:57 pm
them from treating the wounded. despite the violence, russia says it will never agree a foreign intervention in syria. back in this country, thousands are people sickened in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks are hailing a federal recommendation that could make them eligible for compensation. the ruling could add 50 types of cancers to the list of sicknesses covered by a $4 billion fund available to 9/11 victims. those eligible are first responders, and people living near all three 9/11 sdamp sites, the world trade center, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. and horse racing fans who were looking for history to be made today at belmont stakes will have to wait at least another year. i'll have another, the winner of the kentucky derby and preak inside, will n ness won't be in today's race. the horse was xrascratched with
2:58 pm
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